Electrical and Lighting

Elec 1

Electrical and Lighting

Lusby Hardware carries a huge selection of electrical and lighting supplies for commercial and residential use.  We have wire by the roll or foot, electrical plates, sockets, dimmer switches, GFI receptacles, electrical boxes for indoor/outdoor, bulbs, batteries, sockets, porcelain lamp holders, dryer and range outlet plugs and adapters, extension cords, range and dryer cords, surge protectors, landline phone accessories, coaxial cable and fittings, conduit pipe and fittings and much more.

elec 10Extension cords and outdoor boxes

elec 11Fish tape and Klein tools  

elec 12Solder guns and telephone accessories

elec 13Wire by roll or foot

elec 14Regular and LED bulbs

elec 15Fluorescent bulbs

elec 2Electrical outlets, electrical plugs, timers and lamp holder shells

elec 7Thermostats, electrical plates, electrical boxes