Heating and Cooling


Heating and Cooling

Lusby Hardware stocks a vast supply of heating and cooling equipment, parts and supplies.  We stock indoor and outdoor electric, kerosene and propane heaters, fireplace tools, fire starters, fire logs, starter logs, and fireplace cleaner logs. We also stock parts and supplies to repair your wood stove and chimney.  We also stock ash cans, wood covers, log carriers, fireplace grates, fireplace tools, and log racks. We also carry humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, register grilles, furnace filters, stove pipe, vents, dampers, reducers, triple wall pipe, flues, fire brick, flashing chimney caps, wood pellets and more.

001Fire starters, starter logs, cleaner logs

002Ash cans, wood covers

004Fireplace grates

005Soot remover, wood stove paint, sealer

003Exterior heaters

006Flue pipe rings and collars

007Chimney caps, stove pipe, dampers, reducers, flashing

1Quartz heaters

10Indoor and outdoor electric heaters

11Kerosene heaters

13Electric heaters

15Propane heaters

3Electric heaters

9Kerosene heaters


17Air conditioners

humidifier filtersFurnace Filters and Humidifier Supplies


floor ventsRegister Vents

dryer ventDryer Vents and Aluminum Duct