Housewares and Cleaning

Housewares and cleaning

Housewares and Cleaning

Lusby Hardware carries a huge selection of cleaning supplies.  We also carry cleaning rags and sponges, buckets, gloves, dustpans, brooms, dusters, mops, brushes, and more.  We carry hard to find cleaners and polishers, soaps, toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels.  We have clotheslines, clothes pins, pulleys and ropes, and washboards; canning supplies and pressure cookers; batteries, crab cookers; fire extinguishers; thermoses; and trash cans of all sizes.

Cleaning suppliesCleaning Supplies

more cleaningMops, Brooms, Buckets

trash cansTrash Cans and Brooms

Stove Burners and ThermosStove Burners, Pressure Cookers, and Thermoses

Oil Lamps and Lamp OilOil Lamps And Lamp Oil

Fire ExtinguishersFire Extinguishers

Canning SuppliesCanning Jars And Supplies