March 29, 2018- October 31, 2018

11 Pt. Service1 31 Pt. Service
Change engine oil and filter Ö Ö
Inspect/replace spark plug(s) Ö Ö
Inspect/replace air filter(s) Ö Ö
Change fuel filter Ö Ö
Sharpen/balance mower blades Ö Ö
Lubricate chassis and deck Ö Ö
Check/charge battery and clean terminals Ö Ö
Check charging system Ö
Inspect wiring and connectors Ö
Test RIO operation Ö
Check and adjust tire pressure Ö Ö
Check coolant, test freeze point2 Ö
Pressure check cooling system Ö
Perform crankcase vacuum test Ö
Check transmission fluid (if accessible)2 Ö
Check fuel system and lines Ö
Install fuel treatment Ö Ö
Check belts, idlers, and spindles Ö
Check brake adjusment Ö
Check wheel bearings Ö
Check steering Ö
Check traction drive components Ö
Check all cables and linkages Ö
Check safety equipment Ö
Check PTO operation Ö
Check deck bearings Ö
Check lights Ö
Remove deck and clean underside Ö
Clean top side of deck (deck is not removed) Ö
Level deck Ö Ö
Clean transmission with compressed air Ö
Pressure wash unit (weather permitting) Ö
John Deere Gator N/A $185.00 plus parts
John Deere/Toro Commercial Z Turn N/A $195.00 plus parts
John Deere/Toro Residential Z Turn $145.00 plus parts $185.00 plus parts
John Deere Riding Mower $145.00 plus parts $195.00 plus parts
John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractor $145.00 plus parts4 $210.00 plus parts
John Deere Compact Utility Tractor N/A $260.00 plus parts
1Applicable unit must be under warranty to qualify for 11 pt. service.
2Some models may require additional charge for coolant change and/or transmission fluid and filter change.
3Transportation fees are charged per unit.
4Excludes X700 Signature Series.
Shop supplies and taxes are not included in above prices.
Valve adjustment not included in above prices.