Lusby Hardware is  your "one stop shop" for your seasonal items.  Gonna snow, we have sleds, thermal socks, hand and toe warmers, rock salt, ice melt, snow shovels, and Toro snow blowers. During the winter, we carry fireplace and wood stove items such as starter logs, starter, grates, flu pipe, chimney caps, flashing, fire brick, triple wall pipe, dampers, reducers, fireplace tools, wood totes, batteries, and more.  We also carry an assortment of kerosene, electric, and propane heaters.  Of course, we carry Lignetics wood pellets sold by the bag or by the ton.  Find everything you need to conquer the weather at Lusby Hardware. 


chimney fireChimney Fire Extinguisher Logs 

fire logStarter logs


Lignetics Wood Pellets

fire starterFire starters

fireplace toolsFireplace ash cans and wood covers

gratesFireplace grates

stovepipeStove Pipe, Vents, Reducers, Flu Pipe

fireplace toolFireplace Tools


fly carpetFlying Carpet Sleds

hand warmersHand and Toe Warmers

snow brushSnow brushes

deere cornDeere Corn 

fleece hoodFleece Hoods

rock saltRock Salt

snow shovel Snow Shovels