Lusby Hardware has just what you need for your spring and summer projects. Lusby Hardware carries vegetable and flower seeds, gardening tools, fertilizer, mulch, stone, weed and bug control, and so much more.  We have John Deere and Toro mowers, Troy-bilt and Husqvarna tillers, Stihl trimmers and blowers, edgers and more.  Check out Stihl and Toro's new battery powered equipment. Our fans and air conditioners will keep you cool this summer and our pool chemicals and supplies will make sure your pool is always crystal clear and ready for swimming.   And when you're ready to have fun crabbing, we have bushel baskets, crab pots, crab nets, and crab cookers.  


Yeti Coolers

acFans and Air Conditioners

bubbaBubba Blades

canning2Canning Supplies 

bushelbasketBushel Baskets and Straw

crabpot1Crab Pots

crabCrab Nets, Gardening Gloves and Hats


watercGrass Seed, Bug Traps, Watering Cans

seeds4Flower and Vegetable Seeds

shephardhookShephards Hooks, Fertilizer, Bug Sprays