$6.19 /bag

$259.00 / ton

Lignetics Wood Fuel Pellets

Wood Pellets

Wood Fuel Pellets are made from the waste residuals of trees harvested for lumber production. Quality of raw material can vary among species of trees. Lignetics pellets are made only from the finest premium quality western conifer sawdust (West Coast Plant) and premium quality hardwood sawdust (East Coast Plant).

Lignetics high quality control standards assure you of the highest BTU’s, lowest moisture and least amount of ash residual of any pellet on the market. Lignetics pellets burn hotter and more consistently which provides you more heat per pound.

This means you will have to purchase fewer bags of Lignetics pellets to provide the same amount of heat as other supplliers. This translates into less space needed to store pellets, fewer trips to purchase pellets, and less time required to fill your pellet hopper.

Fewer pellets burned means less ash and clean up required. Lignetics pellets are made from 100% renewable resources. No trees are cut in our manufacturing process; which adds to the environmental benefit of your purchase.

With Lignetics pellets you can rest assured you’re purchasing the #1 pellet fuel value in America, from one of the oldest and most recognized names in the industry. Lignetics pellets are safe, economical, convenient and environmentally friendly.

Lignetics proven reliability makes heating with pellets less volatile than fossil fuel pricing; in addition you’re helping our environment by not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning carbon based fuels.

Wood PelletsWood Pellets